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Download YouTube MP3 ( Music & Videos)

Downloading youtube videos has never been as easy; we offer the fastest way to convert videos to mp3 format while keeping the best audio quality (320kbps). You can use our youtube to an mp3 file app with your pc, smartphone, tablet, or gaming console. With no subscription, software, or plugin required, we are the most friendly app to download music from youtube.

MP3 Converter Usage Instructions

  • Paste youtube video link or search for the title of your music.
  • Search and then select which video you'd like to convert to MP3.
  • Once your download is ready, you can save the converted file on your device.
  • You can install our app to make the process faster and your experience more enjoyable.

Your No. 1 YouTube to MP3 Online Converter

Why listen to bad quality music when you can download youtube videos as HD quality mp3 files with 320kbps. Our leading technology allows download of the highest music quality with the best possible file compression.

Easy Videos Conversion & Download

Our app is one of the easiest online services to convert any video on youtube to mp3. It only takes on average 3 to 5 seconds per videos as long as it's shorter than 60 minutes which makes us one the fastest youtube converters online. There is no registration required; all you need is a youtube URL or use the search bar to find your video or music instead. We use third-party servers to converter the video files into mp3 as soon as you submit your request and we do not save previous downloads, which means that your download will be swift and you will get the latest version of the video that you're trying to download and convert to mp3. The final quality depends on the source video, but most of the time you will be getting a high-quality mp3 with a bitrate of 320 kBit/s.

Fast & High-Quality YouTube MP3 Downloader

While there are many mp3 converters online, most of them are too slow or provide crappy conversion which means that when you listen to the downloaded file, it does not sound as good. That is a real problem, and we're trying to solve that by providing youtube to mp3 conversion that is not only fast but also preserves the highest quality of audio and compresses the file for faster downloads to your device.

Cloud-Based Videos Converter

All the good new software is using the cloud as its hosting platform because it's faster and can provide the best user experience. Why go and download some old software to convert videos from youtube to mp3 when you can do that online and at a much faster rate. Anyone still using software instead of a service like ours for music conversion is missing out on all the great new technology.

Only Useable For Creative Common YouTube Videos

We provide our service so that you can save your favorite video and music, but please note that you should only use it to collect videos that are copyright free or creative commons. We're not responsible for your actions, and we strongly suggest that you don't use our app to convert or download any copyrighted videos. you can visit the legal page for more details about this.

Free, Open Source by Anonymous

Sometimes we all want to save a youtube video as mp3, this why we wanted to make the best app to do just that. We decided to share it for free because we believe in open source and free software, together we can work for a better world for all of us.